One 100000 Vodafone paid 3G customers win 1GB knowledge

Vodafone India, has introduced a lovely 3G knowledge supply solely for its paid customers and retailers in metropolis circle. As a locality of this special supply, one 100000 Vodafone paid customers in metropolis won 1GB of free 3G knowledge.


This supply from Vodafone follows Vodafone’s recent ‘Speed is Good’ campaign and Speed Tests across 2000 Retailers in metropolis, reinforcing the very fact that Vodafone provides the quickest 3G expertise in metropolis. With this Free 3G knowledge supply, Vodafone intends a lot of and a lot of mobile net users in metropolis to possess the expertise of Vodafone’s ‘Faster, Smarter, Better’ 3G network.

This super free 3G knowledge supply from Vodafone was offered to the paid customers WHO haven’t old 3G knowledge and conjointly to people who have terribly marginal access to knowledge. As a token of appreciation, Vodafone has offered this free 3G knowledge conjointly to their precious twenty,000 Retailers in metropolis.

Vodafone’s free 3G knowledge supply is valid for thirty days from the date of purchase.
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