How To Run PC Software On Android


How To Run PC Software On Android

In every android device .apk files are supported that are extension of every application that run on android device. And in PC .exe file are supported, But did you know that you can convert .exe file into .apk and run then in your android device. And suppose about your favorite PC software that you would love to use in your android device. Yes that is possible with our method for How To Run PC Software On Android. This is possible with a single tool that i will yell you in this post below. So proceed with the below method.


How To Run PC Software On Android

The method is very simple and you will be using a simple tool that i will be discussing below and with the help of this tool you can covert and of your favorite software into the .apk format that will run in your android device. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

  1. First of all download and install the software EXE To Ap 


    k Converter
    in your computer.
  2. Now launch this software in your computer and you will see screen like below.

  1. Now select exe file that you want to convert to respective apk file supported in your android device.
  2. Now click on Convert button there and the conversion will get started.;
  3. Thats it you are done, Now you will get the respective apk file of you exe file.
  4. Transfer the apk file to your android device and enjoy your favorite PC software in your android device.

So above is all about How To Run PC Software On Android. With the help of this method you will get your favorite software in your android device. Also you can use them exactly as supported in you android device. Hope you like this cool trick, don’t forget to share it with your friends also and also leave a comment below if you face any problem while converting any of your favorite file.
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